Nutrition is the cornerstone for a pet’s preventive healthcare. Just like a complete and balanced diet can reduce the risk of Diabetes in people, quality nutrition can prevent and manage disease in pets. Arrowhead Veterinary Clinic offers nutritional counseling to guide you through all the confusing information surrounding diets and pet food labels.

The benefits to quality nutrition do not stop with smaller stools and a shiny hair coat. Many diseases can be managed with nutrition alone. Take obesity for instance. Obesity is a common problem among pets that can lead to serious and sometimes fatal health problems. It is estimated that approximately 60% or more of our pets are overweight. We understand that it can be difficult to help your pet maintain a healthy body weight. Our veterinarians are here to help with your pet’s nutritional needs and address any current health problems that may benefit from dietary management.

Arrowhead Veterinary Clinic is a certified Veterinary Pet Nutrition Coach via the North American Veterinary Community.