Protect Your Pet from Heartworm

golden-retriever-374874 620x400Heartworm disease is a major problem for our pet population. For this reason, it is important for owners to understand a little about the disease, treatment, and the prevention.

Heartworms do not always cause a problem until they are adult worms. They can grow up to twelve inches as an adult. At that point, they live in the right side of the heart and the lungs. Affected dogs can have lung disease and heart failure.

Treatment is necessary or death will occur. However, as the heartworms die, they can cause even more problems so it is important to watch dogs carefully through the treatment process. There are times when more than one treatment is needed.

Fortunately, heartworms are preventable. We recommend preventing heartworms instead of dealing with the consequences. We believe in a once a month chewable. It is much easier than dealing with the heartache of losing a beloved dog to heartworms! Preventable heartworm medications also help to keep your dog healthy by taking care of intestinal parasites.

Please contact us to get your dog started with a heartworm test and heartworm prevention today.


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