The way we view our pets has changed and we now see them as members of the family. This means a lot of pet parents have higher expectations when it comes to their pet’s healthcare. Advances in veterinary medicine and available options for your pet’s medical needs, allows pet parents to do more for their pets. As medicine advances, the cost of pet healthcare also increases. We understand the struggle surrounding the cost of veterinary healthcare and the emotional toll it can take on pet parents. Our ability to continue to provide service for our patients does require that payment be due at the time of service. Because we understand financial hardships, we offer a wide variety of payment options to give financial assistance. Whether you need aid with routine services or during the time of unexpected illness or injury, our financial assistance offerings are here when you need them. We accept the following forms of payment options:

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Cash, Care Credit, ScratchPay, Wellness Plans, and Insurance.

Other financial options to consider include a pet health savings account that you regularly contribute to or forward paying on your account. Preventive healthcare and utilizing our Annual Preventive Wellness Plans is the best way to invest in your pet’s healthcare and detect diseases early to reduce cost associated with treatment. We hope your pet never experiences an unforeseen illness or injury, but in case of that event, being prepared financially not only reduces your stress but also ensures your pet will receive the medical care they need.

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Scratch Pay
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