moving day tips for petsMoving day for you and your pet has finally arrived! You have the house all packed up and you are waiting for the moving truck to arrive. Whether you are planning to move one town away or across the country, moving is a big job, but with all the preparations involved in moving, it is important to not forget about your pets.

Just like with children, pets often need some special considerations when moving to a new home. You have gone through the pre-moving day checklist-getting new pet ID tags; you have a pet travel carrier and booked accommodations that are pet friendly. Although these pre-moving steps are important to ensure a stress free move for you and your pet, you’re still not out of the woods! Here are some helpful tips to help make the move as smooth as possible for you and your pet.

Keep Them Safe and Secure

This is extremely important both when moving out of your old home and moving into your new home. Moving day can be especially chaotic with all of the noise, doors being open and “strangers” coming in and out of the house, so it is essential that you put your pet in a safe and quiet place. The place you choose should be somewhere that they are comfortable and familiar with, such as their travel crate that is placed in an out of the way area).  Make sure that they aren’t able to escape during the move. For example, if you place your pet in a bedroom or bathroom, remember to put a sign on the door that will alert others not to enter.

Familiar Surroundings in Their New Home

If possible, take your pet to the new home a few times before moving day. This will give them a chance to get familiar with the surroundings. A day or two before moving day, move a few of their things to the new house, whether it is their favorite chair, toys or their bed, surrounding your pet with familiar things will help to reduce the stress of being in new surroundings.  Be prepared to have all of your pets items on hand and available to them as soon as you move into your new home. It is typically more beneficial for you to move as many of their items as you can in your vehicle instead of the moving truck. This will allow you easier access to these items and they will be with your pet while they are being transported to the new house.

Keep a Regular Schedule

Make sure to regularly check on your pet throughout the day. maintain their regular routines for walks, feeding and bathroom breaks. You pet will sense if you are stressed and anxious, so as stressful as moving day can be, it is still important to take breaks just to spend a few minutes with your pet; whether it is to go for a short walk or just to simply let them know that you are near.

When it comes time for the actual move, it is best to secure kittens or cats in a small crate in order to keep them safe in the car and to provide them with a sense of security. It is also best to crate small dogs and larger dogs should ride in the back seat with a pet seat belt harness. If moving requires you to travel by air, it is important to start gathering the information as soon s possible about transporting your pet. Make sure to check with different airlines regarding their rules and requirements. You should also get an updated health check from your vet to ensure your pet is ready for travel.

If you are new to the Dewey, OK area, don’t forget to contact Arrowhead Veterinary Clinic to schedule your pets wellness checks!