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Financial Considerations of Pet Ownership

Our pets provide us with fun, companionship, and unconditional love. In return, we incur the responsibilities that go with pet ownership, including veterinary care. Providing our pets with the preventative health care they deserve, as well as keeping them in a safe environment, significantly reduces the risk of illness and injury. Together, you and the […]


How To Handle an Injured Pet

Just like human beings, pets can be hurt in ways that are obvious and in ways that are harder to detect. However, pets do not have the ability or cannot tell you when they`re hurt. Therefore it`s always important to know some of the common signs of a pet that is injured. In most cases, […]

moving day tips for pets

Moving Day Tips For Pets

Moving day for you and your pet has finally arrived! You have the house all packed up and you are waiting for the moving truck to arrive. Whether you are planning to move one town away or across the country, moving is a big job, but with all the preparations involved in moving, it is […]

The Importance of a Wellness Exam

The importance of a wellness exam in veterinary medicine is greatly undervalued. Did you know that your pet may not exhibit clinical signs of disease until it is too late? Dogs and cats naturally do not want you to know that they are sick. This goes back to their basic instincts of survival. Our pets […]

lyme disease treatment and prevention tips for dogs

Lyme Disease: Treatment and Prevention Tips for Dogs

Lyme Disease affect about 5-10% of dogs. It causes inflammation of the joints, lack of appetite, depression, and sometimes damage to the kidneys and hearts in pets. Lyme disease is caused by bacteria that is transmitted from the bite of the deer tick to its victims. It occurs when the tick is attached to your […]

Canine Parvovirus

Canine parvovirus is a highly contagious and fatal disease that affects dogs of any age but is most commonly seen in young puppies. Dobermans and Rottweilers are at an increased risk for developing clinical signs associated with parvovirus exposure. Any unvaccinated dog is at high risk of contracting the disease after exposure to the virus. […]

Common Worms and Parasites: Identifying Worms and Symptoms

The threat of parasites and worms are a reality for your dog and cat. Affecting particular breeds and pets that have access to the outdoors, parasites and worms can cause small ailments like stomach upset, up to extreme cases of death. The most common type of parasites and worms that affect pet dogs and cats […]

Vital Pet First Aid Tips To Help Keep Your Pet Healthy And Safe

When you own a pet, there are many things to keep in mind. You not only need to make sure their environment is safe for themselves, but also have a working knowledge of what pets should and shouldn’t eat, and keep their best interests at heart. In addition, it’s important to know some pet first […]

13 Common Pet Emergencies That Need Immediate Attention

Having a pet is a commitment. Most people misunderstand the most common pet emergencies, and don’t call for help until it’s too late. Understanding and keeping a list of the most common emergencies that require a veterinarian’s attention will help keep a pet healthy for a long time. ​ 1. Severe Bleeding ​ This is […]

Common Household Poisons and Toxins

Within our homes are dozens of substances and food products that, while safe for human use and consumption, are toxic or deadly for our pet companions. While many of these dangers are obvious and avoidable, there are some items we might not consider a danger — until a beloved pet is suffering and needs emergency […]

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