Bartlesville Pet Wellness PlansOur Annual Preventive Wellness Plans provide all of your pets annual wellness care needs with the option of a monthly payment plan. Our plans start as low as $25 a month and are tailored to your pet’s unique healthcare needs. We understand that pet healthcare can be expensive and for many pet parents having to pay up front may keep their pet from receiving some of the medical care they need. It is our belief that preventive healthcare is the heart for promoting a long and healthy life. This is why we developed wellness plans with a monthly payment option to help pet parents provide routine care for their pets. Providing your pet with routine preventive healthcare on an ongoing basis helps reduce large, unexpected costs through early disease diagnosis and treatment. Take a look at our plans for:

How Do Our Annual Preventive Wellness Plans Work?
It’s fairly simple. Our staff will listen to your preventive healthcare goals and together decide on an Annual Preventive Wellness Plan that meets you and your pet’s needs for the next 12 months. Your pet’s age and lifestyle will be considered when developing their Annual Preventive Wellness Plan.

Once the plan has been tailored for your pet, there are 2 payment options available. You may pay for the plan in full at the time of enrollment and receive a discount on the entire Annual Preventive Wellness Plan or you may apply for a monthly automatic withdrawal payment from a checking or savings account. This option allows you to spread the cost of the plan over 12 months.

There are added benefits for enrolling in an Annual Preventive Wellness Plan. The services included in the plan are discounted 5% off regular pricing. Members receive two free office visits should your pet become ill or develop an issue and will save 10% on any additional services provided during the year.

Call us today to schedule an appointment so we may design an Annual Preventive Wellness Plan for your pet!