wellness-plans-dog-catObtain a Comprehensive, Individualized, Annual Preventive Wellness Plan For Your Pet starting as low as $21.25 per month!!

Keep Your Pet Healthy and Your Budget in Balance!

Arrowhead Veterinary Clinic is pleased to announce that our Annual Preventive Wellness Plans for pets are now available! Our Annual Preventive Wellness Plans are carefully tailored to your pet’s unique health care needs for the next 12 months. By covering your pet with an Arrowhead Veterinary Clinic Annual Preventive Wellness Plan, you can ensure that your pet receives the veterinary care he or she needs to keep him or her happy and healthy. Our Annual Preventive Wellness Plans are designed to provide our high-quality veterinary care to pets at a manageable cost structure to all pet owners. Providing your pet with high-level wellness and preventive medicine on an ongoing basis helps reduce large, unexpected costs through early disease diagnosis and treatment.
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How Do Arrowhead Veterinary Clinic’s Annual Preventive Wellness Plans Work?
Along with our staff, you will pick an Annual Preventive Wellness Plan that covers the wellness care your pet needs over the next 12 months based on your pet’s age and lifestyle.

Once the plan has been tailored for your pet, there are 2 payment options available.

You may pay the Plan in full at the time of enrollment and receive a discount on the entire Annual Preventive Wellness Plan.

You may apply for a monthly automatic withdrawal payment from a checking or savings account. This option allows you to spread out the cost of the plan over 12 months in order to take advantage of the high quality preventive care provided at Arrowhead Veterinary Clinic.

Plan members also receive a 10% discount on additional services and 2 free exams during the year, should your pet become ill or an after-hours emergency arise.

Call us today to schedule an appointment so we may design an Annual Preventive Wellness Plan for your pet!